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December 15, 2020

Dear IQA members,
It's been a strange and difficult year for many individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. And IQA has not been immune to the pandemic's toll.
Membership renewals are down, we have had no Judged Show, no raffle quilt income to date, no events at the fall show such as Winners Circle, Quiltapalooza, the mini-quilt Silent Auction, or the IQA luncheon, and no election of new officers. In addition, for many years, IQA has seen a decrease in total membership numbers.

Further, IQA has also for years depended upon Quilts, Inc. to cover such expenses as rent, salary, and other operating costs. But because the company could not hold any shows in 2020, resulting in the loss of an entire year's income, it is unable to offer further support to the organization. Taken all together, these things mean basically no income for our organization.
The three of us, as well as the entire IQA Board, still believe in the mission of the organization as it was founded in 1979: IQA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art throughout the world. All of us, and we know all of you, continue to support those goals.

And it is a fact that all of those goals have actually been achieved by the organization over its 41 year lifespan, through its Judged Show, its sponsorship of Quilt Expo throughout Europe, its grant program, the quarterly journal, and its many other worthwhile projects.

Therefore, the Board has come to the regrettable conclusion that 2020 is the right time to disband IQA. As you can imagine, this has not been an easy decision nor one approached lightly. But many nonprofit organizations have had to make difficult decisions during this year of COVID-19. We hope all of you as members, as well as the general quilting public, will understand.
Some of your memberships end this month, but other recent or renewed memberships extend into 2021. If your membership expires in 2021, you can choose to receive a refund, or you may want to consider donating the remainder of your membership fee to aid IQA in covering any further closing costs of the organization. A separate email will be sent shortly for you to indicate your decision. Refunds will be made in early 2021.

Many of you may wonder if this means there will be no Judged Show at International Quilt Festival, but we have received a commitment from organizers of Festival to add a quilt competition. So, although details remain to be worked out, "the show will go on."

Any funds remaining after settlement of closing costs must be donated to another not-for-profit entity, as required by law. It has been suggested that any such funds be donated to the not-for-profit Texas Quilt Museum, located in a restored 1880s building and showcasing both traditional and art quilts. Historical archives of IQA have, for many years, already been earmarked for the Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas. Both those donations would be fitting, as Texas has been the home of the organization throughout its lifespan. 
So much remarkable, and groundbreaking, history...four decades of Judged Shows to remember! But although IQA will cease to exist as an entity, we want to leave you with some of those great memories you've help make over the years in a special retrospective "Collector's Edition" of our online journal to be issued in February 2021.

So could we ask one last thing of you, as loyal members? To help IQA go out in a style befitting such a venerable organization, would you share with us what IQA has meant to you, or  perhaps relate a memorable IQA event you enjoyed? Please send your written remembrance and/or accompanying photo to bobr@quilts.com with the subject line "IQA Memories."
It is sad that the International Quilt Association is ending, but IQA is leaving a wonderful legacy of beautiful quilts and talented quiltmakers to the quilt world.
All our very best to you...and keep quilting!

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Karey Patterson Bresenhan, Co-Founder

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Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, Co-Founder

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Ricky Tims, President