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Grant Program and Application

The International Quilt Assocation is dedicated to the preservation of quilts and the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting and for quilts as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art through continuing education services for members, public education activities, and professional and artisan development programs.


Please read carefully the enclosed materials in submitting your application to the International Quilt Association for funding through our grant program.Pay particular attention to the items under FUNDING and ELIGIBILITY. Grants will be awarded only to members of IQA.Non-profit organizations or museums who have a person within that organization who is a member of the International Quilt Association will be considered first.

A Letter of Agreement will be forwarded to the grantee upon the committee’s selection and board approval.This Letter of Agreement must be signed and returned to our office before a check will be issued for partial or full funding of a project.This Letter of Agreement includes these conditions:

v IQA will report to the membership through the newsletter/journal the grantee’s final report in whole or part.This can be done with the grantee’s copyright, if so desired.

v IQA retains the option to publish all or part of any papers, essays, or reports resulting from a project in which IQA funds are used.

v Papers, catalogs, or books that are published by the grantee as a result of funds from the grant shall acknowledge the International Quilt Association in the credits.

v A copy of any published works shall be forwarded to the International Quilt Association at no charge.

v A six-month interim report is due by May 15 of the year following the awarding of the grant.A second (or final) report is due by October 15 of the same year.If the second report is not the final report, then the final report is due when the project is completed.

v Grantees other than non-profit organizations, who use the grant funds to make tangible objects that may be sold at a later time, shall forward to IQA 15% of the selling price.These funds will be placed in the IQA grant program.

v Projects that have a tangible object(s) may be selected to be exhibited in IQA’s annual exhibit, “Quilts…A World of Beauty.”

v If grant funds are not used for purposes stated in original grant application, all funds must be returned to IQA immediately.

v Should a project that has been awarded IQA grant funds make a profit, 100% of said funds must be retained in the IQA grant fund. If grantee is a non-profit organization, funds may be used as seed money for continuing the project with the permission of IQA, and the organization must complete a final report before money will be returned to the grantee.


1.     Complete application form including résumé, letters of reference, and work experience (if applicable).Application must be typed.

2.     Return FOUR copies of the complete application that includes FOUR sets of accompanying materials (slides, articles, JPEGS on CD, pictures, etc., that apply) to Grant Program Chairman, c/o IQA Houston office, by deadline. DO NOT USE COLORED PAPER.

3.     Furnish any additional information as requested by Grant Program Committee.


Deadline for submitting application: received no later than September 1, 2018.

Awards announced at IQA General Meeting on November 8, 2018 during International Quilt Festival, November 8-11, 2018.

Grant recipients will be notified and sent a letter of agreement immediately after International Quilt Festival.

IQA will fund the grant immediately after the letter of agreement has been signed and returned to our office.

Reports from 2018 grant recipients covering 6-month and 12-month progress and a final report must be arranged with Grant Program Chairman and IQA Board of Directors.

Questions should be addressed to:

    Steven Jeffery, IQA Grant Program Chairman

    International Quilt Association

    7660 Woodway Dr., Ste. 550

    Houston, TX77063


PURPOSE:To foster quilt-related projects which meet IQA stated goals, and have lasting significant effects on the traditions, history, respect for, knowledge about, and artistry in, quilts and quiltmaking.

GOALS:IQA is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of quilts and the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting and for quilts as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art through continuing education services for members, public education activities, and professional and artisan development programs.

Categories of projects to be considered:

1.     Original research on topics such as historical documentation of quilts and quiltmakers, social history related to quilts, and other sociological and anthropological aspects of quiltmaking, including scholarly, artistic analysis of quilts.

2.     Assistance to museums and other public quilt collections for cataloging, documentation, restoration, and other activities to ensure the preservation and accumulation of quilts, the distribution of information about quilts to the public, and the increase of the visible presence of quilts in museums and other public institutions.

3.     Community projects which widely disseminate information about quilts and increase the visibility and importance of quilts…i.e. exhibitions or distribution of information about quilts statewide, nationally, or internationally.

Note: Categories may be added, refined, and expanded by the IQA board at a future time.


The Board of Directors approves funding of the grant program up to the amount approved by the general membership in the yearly budget. Proposals are reviewed by the review panel, which is comprised of esteemed and objective persons.

Applicants must submit a budget for their project.

Budgeted items may include expenses for materials, communications costs, and fees and services required for the proposed work to be carried out.

Budgeted items may NOT include compensation to grantee and their immediate family, travel expenses, or purchase of equipment to be retained by grantee. If funds allotted by this program result in production of commercial product or publication, IQA claims ownership rights to the extent of the amount of the grant plus interest.

Matching funds are available for state quilt search projects.


Applicant must be a current IQA member in good standing.

Board and grant committee members are not eligible. Applicants making proposals involving more than one year of projected work must re-file annually, have precise goals for each year, and report on the progress of those goals.The original application must outline the entire project.

Administration of Grant Program


Chairperson: appointed by the Board.

1.     Distribute forms, answer questions, collect and review applications for completeness.

2.     Forward applications to review panel and assist them.

3.     Report to the Board on activities.

4.     Follow-up on projects.

Panel: Three people well known and respected by the quilt community.

1.     Serve without compensation

2.     Review grant proposals and select most appropriate and promising proposals, rank as to importance, and recommend in a written and signed report to the Board those to be funded.

3.     Appointed on recommendation of chairman and board members by vote of Board.

4.     One year renewable and rotating, if possible.

Board of Directors:

1.     Accepts recommended proposals and approves funding of projects.

2.     Provides forum of publication for dissemination of reports on grants.








1)    Abstract of proposal: Include objectives of project, methods to be used to obtain goals, form of project results, and final report.

2)    Applicant’s Background: (complete all applicable steps)

  1. Attach résumé, including the following:

a.)   Background, education, and work experience

b.)   Experience in area of proposed project and qualifications for accomplishing project

c.)   Bibliography of published works, exhibits

  1. Attach three letters of reference about your ability to do proposed work
  1. Attach letter from any organization/institution involved in proposal, if applicable, stating their willingness to work with you on this project
  1. Include slide portfolio if applying for artistic development grant

3)    Background of project: Briefly, but completely, give the background of your proposed project. Cite references for all points and list in the bibliography. Underline important points, especially why the project is needed. Also, include any preliminary results available and reference the bibliography for background.

4)    Scope of project: Describe completely and exactly what you propose to do in this project. List the steps to be done in chronological order, then describe each step.

5)    Methods and facilities to be used in project: Describe completely all methods to be used for steps in this project, including your competency with these methods. If working with or using the facilities of any institution or organization, briefly describe the institution and in what capacity you will be working with them (including whether you are salaried or volunteer). Be sure and attach a letter from the organization or institution indicating their willingness to cooperate in your project.

6)    Significance of project: Describe how your project will relate to and advance the goals of IQA.

7)    Time plan for project: Estimate the time from the beginning of the project to final completion, detailing time for completion of steps of project. Note:projects requiring more than one year are required to have applications for each year for the segment of work to be completed within each grant period.

8)    Budget: List and adequately describe all items and expenses to be used to complete your project. If you have applied for or been awarded grants from other institutions for portions of this work, list this information.

9)    Final report form: Explain in what form the final report of your project will be and how you plan to distribute the information.


“The International Quilt Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of quilts and the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting and for quilts as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art through continuing education services of members, public education activities and professional and artisan development programs.”

(Article I, 1.01, Bylaws of the International Quilt Association)