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Quilt Angels Needed

You can't put on a show like ours without depending on volunteers for lots of help, and one of the most important ways to help out is as a Quilt Angel (often called a white glove lady at other shows; at Festival, she or he is an Angel!). That seems most appropriate since visitors often tell us they think they've "died and gone to Heaven" when they first walk through the door to Festival!

If you have a three hour shift available on one of Festival's exhibit days, we'd like to encourage you to volunteer as a Quilt Angel. You'll earn your Angel pin, and if you serve two 3-hour shifts, you'll earn priority class registration for the Houston Festival! You get to handle the quilts, study the quilts, show them off, listen to people oooh and aaaah over them, and help protect them from being loved to death! It's an important job and we need your help. You do not need to be a member of IQA!

We are always looking for Quilt Angels to volunteer at future editions of International Quilt Festival in Houston or Chicago. Email us for information on how you can be a part of the team!

A white-gloved Quilt Angel at work during the International Quilt Festival/Houston